Chris Bueno — CEO

Chris Bueno began his career in Christian television in 1979.  This invaluable experience uniquely equipped him to better understand the needs and concerns of an underserved, faith-based audience.   Since then, he has produced numerous projects, among them: THE INDESTRUCTIBLE BOOK, a four-hour documentary with Cambridge University Press in England, THE SCENIC WONDERS BIBLE, a 52-episode series encompassing the entire New Testament, and THE GOOD ENTERTAINMENT SHOW, hosted by Michael Medved.

Chris executive produced several documentaries including PROPHECIES OF THE PASSION, THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION, and the highly successful Lee Strobel series, THE CASE FOR CHRIST, THE CASE FOR FAITH and THE CASE FOR A CREATOR.

In 2004, he co-founded Carmel Entertainment, a company specializing in distribution.  As President, he was instrumental in securing distribution for numerous films and television series, among them FIREPROOF, the #1 independent feature film of 2008. Other projects include FLYWHEEL, FACING THE GIANTS, FAITH LIKE POTATOES, NO GREATER LOVE, DEAR FRANCIS, SECRET OF THE CAVE, DRIVE-THRU HISTORY, and THE LEE STROBEL DOCUMENTARY SERIES.

Ocean Avenue Entertainment, Inc. was established in 2009 by Chris and his wife, Denise. Ocean Ave currently represents some of the very best flims in this faith-based category including 23 BLAST, NOT TODAY, MIGHTY MACS, TO END ALL WARS, END OF THE SPEAR, BEYOND THE GATES OF SPLENDOR and many others.

In 2012 Ocean Ave established a direct relationship with Netflix. Over the last years numerous films and series have been licensed to Netflix through Ocean Ave including, THOU SHALT LAUGH (Series), DRIVE THRU HISTORY (Series), MIGHTY MACS, TO END ALL WARS, END OF THE SPEAR, BEYOND THE GATES OF SPLENDOR, THE GRANDFATHERS, FINAL SOLUTION and many more.