Ocean Avenue — the Heart of Carmel

Ocean Avenue Entertainment is the main street through the heart of Carmel, California. Many famous artists, poets, actors and film makers found inspiration in Carmel, like Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London, John Steinbeck and Mary Austin.

Today, Doris Day and Clint Eastwood make their home in this art colony.

Ocean Avenue Entertainment, Inc. is committed to developing, producing and distributing films and television programming that are inspiring and redemptive. 

Launched in January 2009, Ocean Ave is the destination for productions that offer hope to an underserved audience looking for inspiration in entertainment.

Securing distribution is critical to the success for producers who have labored to bring their dream to the big or small screen. Ocean Ave has developed direct relationships with major studios, Netflix, television networks, and key international distributors, making it possible for producers to fully realize their potential to successfully reach their target audience. In addition, Ocean Ave has a direct distribution channel to churches through Scenic Drive Films.